Dr. Niles A. Syska, DDS

We have confidence that people on the DPC team either already know how to solve a problem or they are working hard to find a solution.

We feel DPC is better than other IT companies because they are proactive, not reactive. Being proactive means working ahead of a problem before it happens and less downtime fixing something that already happened.

In today’s culture, your IT firm must be prepared for all that the world is throwing at your practice.

You cannot rely on your own dental team and/or small IT firm to be able to keep up with the full time job of keeping your data safe and your equipment running smoothly.

The Tooth Shop on 46

Dr. David W. Howington

The biggest benefit to me and my practice since moving to Complete Care has been the ease of repair and DPC’s ability to fix any problem. Compared to other IT firms we have worked with in the past, DPC gives our office peace of mind about HIPAA and Cyber Protection. DPC has taken all our IT headaches and problems away from our office.


Dr. Alan Krantz

DentalPC is amazing! At first I was a little skeptical about the Complete Care Program, but it has turned out to be a huge benefit to our office. Whenever we have a problem, DentalPC is only a phone call away. Sometimes they have to come into the office, but many times they can log in remotely and fix the problem. Whenever there is any new issue regarding computer security, Clay is always one step ahead of the game. Let's face it, no one can run their business without their computers, so why would you risk not having the best computer people in town on your team.

Krantz Dental Care

Dr. Jeffrey W. Bowden

Knowledgeable, prompt, courteous and efficient are just a few of the words that describe the DentalPC Organization. Its Complete care program and its cost is superior to any of the maintenance programs we compared it to. DentalPC, the help desk, its office staff and service department have always responded quickly to resolve all of our problems. Their sales staff is extremely informative. They are always keeping us abreast of new products and ideas to keep our practice productive and up to date with relative technology. We could not be more pleased.

It is without reservation that I would highly recommend DentalPC to any other medical or dental operation.


Dr. Richard C. Caven

DentalPC has been instrumental in my professional growth over the last 2 years. The technology and network organization that I have been able to utilize has been fantastic. Plus I have the security of knowing that everything is backed up in case of an emergency. But the best part about DentalPC is that I feel so confident that they are there to help me at any moment about any computing issues. Plus they are just simply nice people and that makes things so much more pleasant. I would and have wholeheartedly endorsed DentalPC for your entire computing, software, networking and date security needs.


Dr. Harris Rittenberg

Clay Archer and his team at DentalPC always come through. I’ve been working with Clay for over twelve years. He is very knowledgeable about how computers can most benefit a dental practice and has worked hard to help us. From designing a complete new computer integration with digital radiography to “saving the day” by getting a problem resolved in a timely manner, Clay and Co. do it all with skill and fairness. Thanks DentalPC!


Dr. Ross Fishman

DentalPC helped to make a smooth transition from paper charts to electronic records after I bought my practice. They installed the best equipment and secured my network. I can sleep soundly knowing my records are easily accessible from the cloud in case of emergency. The Complete Care Program settles technical issues swiftly allowing minimal office interruptions. You cannot put a price on that!

Fishman Pediatric Dentistry

We were pleased to work with the wonderful people at DentalPC for the installation of 16 computer workstations in our large dental hygiene clinic and 5 work stations in our smaller dental assisting clinic. The planning phase, with Clay Archer and his team, was handled expertly and their experience gave me confidence that we had found the right company to handle our job. I was particularly pleased with the crew charged with the installation. They went out of their way to make sure that every aspect of the job was done as we wanted. Drilling through our formica countertops to install our pole mounted monitors was no easy task, but the finished product looks excellent! The training after the installation was top-rate and our students are now using Eaglesoft routinely. We have a great looking clinic now that I'm proud to show off.

DMD, Instructional Program Manager
Dental Programs
Florida State College at Jacksonville

I have worked with DentalPC through several upgrades and have never been disappointed. The staff is very courteous, professional and efficient.

DentalPC's team was prompt with returning phone calls, honest, friendly and knowledgeable in their field.

DentalPC is great to work with. Always tries to accommodate our schedule. Also has a great group of employees to work with. High recommendation from this office.

Traci Lewis

Dental PC has been an instrumental component of my dental practice’s success. They have been with me since the first day I opened my doors and, 13 years later, I can’t imagine working with any other team. Their knowledge of the dental industry keeps me in compliance with the ever changing laws. Their vast understanding of how dental offices run helps me to sleep at night… knowing that I have an entire team of experts on my side to ensure not only my patients’ privacy, but the future of my practice. It is without hesitation that I would recommend Dental PC to any dental practice.

Office Manager/Sleep Coordinator
Bartram Dental Center

DentalPC has been a great help to our practice. Their service is great and you can always count on them to give good, reliable recommendations to improve the technology in the office.


When DentalPC comes to the office, it is like having a visit with a friend who is a wiz at computers. They are experts at dental systems and quickly solving associated problems. I enjoy our relationship.


DentalPC has given our office great advice, excellent service and all inclusive guidance in our digital radiography and computer networking.