Data Backup - Jacksonville, Gainesville, St. Augustine
Data Backup - Jacksonville, Gainesville, St. Augustine

Data Backup for Your Practice - Protecting what matters most to your business

At DentalPC, we understand the value your business data holds and the importance of a successful data backup and recovery in the event of data loss. Fortunately, with a Data Recovery strategy in place from DentalPC, you can essentially "bullet proof" your mission-critical data files for a quick recovery - no matter what comes your way.

At DentalPC, it is our goal to provide you with a Data Backup & Security solution that keeps catastrophic data loss downtime to less than 1 hour. Thanks to major advancements in backup technology, you can now have a completely automated onsite and offsite backup of your data for a small investment and a low monthly fee.

We Have Your Solution!

What makes our solution so much better than your external hard drive backups?

  • The Data Backup Disaster Recovery System device takes an image (snapshot) of your server EVERY 15 minutes. That means you wouldn’t lose an entire day’s worth of work if your server crashed or melted down; just a few minute's worth.
  • You don’t have to swap out hard drives every day or lug them around in your car.
  • You have near-instant business continuity if your server failed. In the event of a server crash, the Backup Disaster Recovery System device will TAKE OVER as an acting server so you can keep on working while we rescue and rebuild your failed server. This means you’ll be up and running within 30 minutes instead of potentially being down for DAYS.
  • Your data and server image get stored offsite at a secure data facility, and replicated to another data facility to make sure your backup has a backup! This is FAR MORE secure and reliable than old external hard drive backups and protects us from natural disasters like hurricanes.

Prepare for the worst with Data Backup & Security services from DentalPC. By having DentalPC verify your backups you can sleep at night without worrying about losing data.

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