DentalPC is Now an Authorized Reseller of AuthAir

PRLog - Jul. 8, 2014 - JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - DentalPC, a company that specializes in dental IT hardware and support, is now an authorized reseller of AuthAir, the newest technology to assist with HIPAA compliance.

AuthAir, a first of its kind technology, is geared towards assisting all businesses, whether small or large, with compliance and regulations, and to promote the industry’s best practices in various sectors ranging from financial to healthcare.

With a commitment to serve its clients to the best extent at all times, DentalPC, decided to work in partnership with AuthAir. DentalPC will start to operate as an official and authorized reseller of the said innovative technology this month of June 2014. DentalPC is proud to present to the general public AuthAir Dental, the revolutionary technology solution designed to make logging in and out of a dental office system more efficient and secure without the inconvenience of changing the current procedures and processes followed by users.

DentalPC will be engaged in reselling the AuthAir Dental Practice Starter Bundle which requires a maximum of six authorized users to get started. DentalPC is committed to providing effective computer support for all dentists who are in need of help when it comes to using IT in their practice every day. The said company comes with its ultimate goal which is to let their clients use each tool available that is offered by progressive technology. With AuthAir, healthcare providers will increase their productivity and efficiency in fulfilling their duties and responsibilities as professionals while meeting compliance obligations.

Today, AuthAir is already available at DentalPC. The company is now hoping their existing customers and even those who will be utilizing the services they offer for the first time will be enticed to try AuthAir. As a dental integrator, DentalPC will distribute the product locally and they will be quoting AuthAir directly to end users.

About DentalPC

DentalPC is a Florida based IT and Managed Services provider with knowledge and experience in network design & implementation, hardware, storage, security, disaster recovery, and HIPAA compliance. Established in 1995 DentalPC has a complete selection of support services including Technology Consulting, Project & Technology Management, and Outsourced IT Support in order to assist Dental Practices in addressing complex issues, security challenges as well as meet compliance mandates. For information, call (904) 443-0095 or visit