AuthAir Security Authentication



AuthAir is the first-of-its-kind security authentication solution that increases staff efficiency, eases the burden of HIPAA Compliance and provides business intelligence your practice can use to make profit-enhancing changes.

Here's how AuthAir works:

  • Staff wear an AuthAir Token provisioned expressly for them.
  • Staff approach a practice computer and with no need to remember or type a complicated password, the AuthAir Token silently signals the workstation and the user is automatically logged in.
  • When staff step out of the operatory or away from a workstation, the AuthAir Token automatically locks the computer keeping sensitive patient data secure.
  • Best of all, when staff return within range, the AuthAir Token immediately logs the user back in, right where they left off.

AuthAir also comes with a complete, 100% money-back guarantee so we strongly encourage you to try it in your practice for 30 days.  If you’re not impressed with AuthAir's ease-of-use, automatically generated HIPAA-compliant audit trail and other benefits, DentalPC will be happy to take it back for you.

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