DentalPC Geek Corner: Fujitsu SnapScan

In this Month's Geek Corner we are featuring the Fujitsu SnapScan. Our resident expert and engineer Ian Dawson gives his take on this popular scanner - rating from 1 to 4 on the Geek Meter.

Ian has been working with SnapScan scanners for over a year and has installed these devices in numerous dental offices.

We Are Now Offering Encrypted Email For HIPAA Compliance

As new laws are passed and data protection regulations are tightened on Patient Records it is more important than ever for health care providers to have an email encryption solution in place.

Encryption solutions of the past have been neither user friendly nor integrated but - Great News!

DentalPC is now offering your comprehensive encrypted email solution: Complete Encryption

What DentalPC Provides:

With Complete Encryption we will convert your existing email account(s) and/or add new accounts to our encrypted email solution to ensure HIPAA Compliance and to Protect Private Patient Data.

Time for Your Quarterly Business Review

It's time for your Quarterly Business Review if you are part of our Complete Care program.

Complete Care customers will be receiving a call to schedule a time for your evaluation in the upcoming weeks.

Quarterly Business Reviews are complimentary for our Complete Care customers and allow us to assess your IT Infrastructure, address current needs, and plan for future upgrades.

Google Glass & HIPAA Compliant Video

Digital Technology continues to evolve with Google Glass expanding its reach into the medical world. Just this month the University of California, Irvine School of Medicine formally introduced Google Glass into its 4 year curriculum.

In order to make this possible & secure UC Irvine will be utilizing Pristine Eyesight, a HIPAA compliant video-based communication platform optimized for Google Glass in healthcare environments.

See you at FNDC in Orlando

Please join us at FNDC on June 12 - 14 at the Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center in Orlando. Located at Booth 828 we will also be joined in our Booth by AuthAir, provider of authentication solutions for HIPAA Compliance. AuthAir Representatives will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about this new and exciting technology.

Survey Says…We Need Your Feedback!

In order to Provide Better Service to our Clients and get feedback in real time - we need your help by completing our new Customer Service Surveys. These Surveys are specific to each Service Request and give us valuable intel on how we are performing.

At DentalPC we process all your requests as Service Tickets.

JDS Annual Golf Tournament – And the Green Jacket Goes To…

The Jacksonville Dental Society did another fantastic job at this year’s Annual Golf Tournament & Fundraiser at St. John Golf & Country Club. The weather was perfect and competition steep.

DentalPC was fortunate to take home another win with our foursome which included Dr. Joseph Chiafair, Dr. William Baxter, Clay Churchill with Wells Fargo, and our very own David Schmutz.

First Potential Threat Identified for those still running XP

A security hole has been identified in Internet Explorer 6,7,8,9,10, and 11 and Microsoft has confirmed it will not issue a fix for Web Browsers running on Windows XP who’s support officially ended on April 8th.

Hackers are using this bug to take control of your computer and access personal data which can happen when a User unknowingly visits a malicious website with an affected browser or is prompted by an email message or Instant Message with a link that takes Users to the attacker’s website.