Direct Project offers access to secure messaging

One of the most asked for features in today’s electronic medical record (EMR) technology is a secure built-in messaging system. This is an important feature and many providers are integrating this feature. One project aims to make that easier, Direct Project.

3 reasons you should use Prezi

Presentations! Love them or hate them, you are probably going to have to create and give one from time-to-time. When you are settling down to the task of devising a presentation, like most users, you probably turn to Microsoft PowerPoint. However, there can be situations where PowerPoint is less than ideal for various reasons.

How better alerts improve HIV outcomes

Here’s one more reason to consider implementing a clinical decision- support system with interactive alerts: It improves outcomes for HIV patients, according to a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

In the study, researchers from Boston’s Massachusetts General Hospital divided 1,011 patients at a large outpatient clinic based on receipt of two types of alerts (for virologic failure, evidence of suboptimal followup and abnormal laboratory results). For the control group of patients, alerts appeared only on the patient’s electronic medical records (EMR) page.

Make the ICD-10-CM transition

The earlier you familiarize yourself with ICD-10-CM, the easier the transition will be – so you may want to start now.

To recap, the ICD-9 code sets, which were used to report medical diagnoses and inpatient procedures, will be replaced by ICD-10 code sets.

It’s time to get customer service social

Social media, typically viewed by companies as a marketing platform, has started to reach a new level of maturity and branch out. The next big step is to get a company’s customer service, traditionally a physical aspect, social. This is called social customer service and should become the next step in a company’s social media plan.

Businesses Not Allowing Social Media

One issue that’s sparked a large amount of debate is whether or not companies should allow their employees to access social media while at work. One thing’s for certain, the number of employees who actually use social media on a regular basis is large, and growing.

Social Media and Your Business

Most businesses have started to take social media seriously. They are spending time and effort developing their profiles and reaching out to customers. It makes sense for a business to have an online presence beyond their website. Are you taking advantage of all the available options the Internet has to offer? If not, it may be time to start.