Backup and Disaster Recovery – A MUST have!

I feel like we have beaten this issue like a dead horse, but it couldn’t be more important.  Backing up your data as frequently and as reliably as possible can – and probably will eventually for most of you – save you lots of time and heartache in the long run.  Just simply having the peace of mind that your data is being backed up on a regular basis without your time and attention is worth the expense. We are now offering our new BDR backup and disaster recovery system..  It is a great in office and remote backup option.  We actually had a client that used the in office backup today to restore data that had been corrupted and it took 15 minutes to get them back where they needed to be…without this solution it could have taken days, and they would have lost at least half day’s data. The BDR backs up your office data every 15 minutes to a separate skeleton server in your office and it also sends the information to 2 remote data centers in the United States in case of a physical disaster at your office.  If you want more information call us at 904.443.0095!  This is a MUST HAVE for all dental offices!!

Integrating my Dental website with Dentrix

Many offices don’t realize that Dentrix offers a service where you can link from your current custom website to their e-service links like patient information forms or other patient info. All you need to do is add the link they give you to your website. Here is a sample of a site we host that has the links added: If you need any help integrating this feature with your website…give us a call! 904.443.0095

Picking a Domain Name

When deciding to go ahead and get a website designed for your practice, one of the big decisions is your domain name. Basically this is your address on the web such as This can be difficult to decide on because many names are already taken, and you have to get creative. Here are some good guidelines to follow. 1. Make it short. You want the domain name to be easy to spell and easy to remember so if you tell someone to visit the site, they can remember it easily. 2. Use a .com. The other extensions like .net or .us are really not popular, so you may end up telling someone to go to your site, and then they end up typing in instead and go to a totally different site. Stick with .com as much as possible. 3. Don’t use punctuation. I have also had clients try to cheat the system by adding a “-” like so they can get the .com name. This is really not a great idea because the dashes also make it hard to remember to tell someone. Most likely they will end up at the wrong site. So basically, keep it simple. Stick with .com and use a short simple name with no punctuation and you should be good…Now get creative!!

Ipads in the Operatories

With all the rage on the Ipad, we have had many of our clients purchase them and begin using them in the office. There are many upsides to utilizing the Ipad in the operatories. Here are a few: 1. Allow patients to view their digital x-rays and have the ability to move them around, and see them up close. 2. The ability to show patient education in the operatories. 3. Make your patients feel more comfortable and enjoy their visit. Many offices have Tvs in the operatories to do this, but this is a new distraction that helps ease patients’ fears. Read this article for more ideas on how to use the Ipad in your operatories.

What’s the best way to show procedures on a dental website

I am often asked when we design a website for our clients about the describe the services they provide. The best way for search engine optimization (SEO) is to have the doctor, or a copy writer right down some information about the procedure. About a paragraph or 2 for each procedure would be the minimum recommendation, but if the doctor has more information to give the better. Basically the search engines like Google are looking to see how much quality information is provided on your site. So if someone is looking for information on dental implants and you have written an in depth description of the procedure, you are more likely to be on the first few pages in Google or other search engines. That being said, I know most of our clients have a hard time finding the time to come up with this content, so here at DentalPC I normally help the doctor by writing a short description and the doctor can later make any additions or deletions if necessary to save them time. It is nice to link to other dental sites that provide the patient with good information, but this generally doesn’t do as much for your rankings as actually having the text on your site. So my suggestion is to write as much as you can and then link to outside website for more info if needed.