Top 4 Features of Enlive Dental Paperless Software

Top 4 Features of Enlive Dental Paperless Software

We’ve been getting great feedback on Enlive Dental Paperless Software from our clients, so we thought it would be helpful to share what we’ve been experiencing and specifically how you can utilize Enlive Dental to transform your dental practice.

We are an authorized re-seller of Enlive Dental Paperless Software, a complete bundle of easy to use paperless software that help your practice become more efficient and better engage your patients. 

So, what exactly does this all mean?

Here’s our top 4 features of Enlive Dental:

1. Integration: Sync with Practice Management

Most noteworthy, all the data is automatically and securely saved right in your practice management software.

 2. Online: Forms anywhere on any Device

Before a new patient or an existing patient visits your office for their appointment, they have the option to fill out all their forms online.

3. Signatures: Sign Treatment Plans and Consents

In addition to, completing forms in the reception area, patients may also sign treatment plans and consent forms in one of your operatories.

4. Photos: Take Photos of Patient ID & Insurance Cards

Say goodbye to spending time scanning ID and insurance cards to your desktop and transferring the files into your practice management software. Your patients can scan and upload their own ID and insurance cards to the app and even take a selfie for their patient profile.

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Having trouble keeping up with patient paperwork? Is paperwork getting lost and creating a mess in the office? Spending too much time scanning and shredding? The Enlive System is a complete bundle of easy to use Paperless Software and web portal that helps your practice become more efficient and better engage your patients. Patients can complete and sign paperwork at home or on a tablet in your office. It handles Patient pictures, Medical Histories, Consents, Treatment plans and much more. Best of all, simply click a button and it auto updates everything in your practice software!


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