End of the Year Checklist

End of the Year Checklist

With the end of 2016 approaching quickly, I just wanted to put together a quick check list for things every small business and dental practice should consider before leaving for their Holiday Break.

  1. Meet with your Accountant
    1. Review and Section 179 write offs and schedule any end of the year projects for tax purposes.
    2. Also provide your accountant with any receipts for large equipment purchases during the year that will help with tax preparation and tax deductions. (If you need any copies of your purchases from DentalPC please email billing@dentalpc.com and we will send those over)
  2. Back Up Your Data
    1. Make sure that all of your files, including accounting, practice management files, Patient X-rays and emails are backed up and secure. Typically, your entire server is being backed up. If you want to backup any files you are storing locally for example to the doctor’s desktop, please call DentalPC to make sure we are backing up that computer. You can email support@dentalpc.com to have us verify what files are being backed up.
  3. Remote Access while you are away
    1. Get a Remote Login for anyone that needs to login during the holiday break from home if they may need to login due to patient emergency calls (if you are a Complete Care Client DentalPC will set this up for you. Please email support@dentalpc.com to get a login)
  4. Prepare your phone system away message for out of the office for the holidays message
    1. If DentalPC provided your phone system, we can help you setup a holiday message on your phone system while you are gone. Please email support@dentalpc.com and we can get that setup for you.

That is a pretty basic list, but definitely a good time to make sure these things are in place before you leave for the holidays to ensure you have an enjoyable break.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for help with any of these items and Happy Holidays from DentalPC!


Christina Archer

Vice President