Can’t Hear Yourself Think in the Office? You should consider White Noise   

We all know that having private conversations can be quite difficult in reception and waiting areas in a dental office. There are times when there are multiple staff members at the front desk talking on the phone at the same time and patients waiting in the lobby having their own conversations.  Drowning out others conversations can be difficult, not to mention the fear the patient
has of others overhearing private medical conversations.  It’s only natural for staff members to be distracted and concerned that others can overhear them.  What if you could diffuse all the cross talk, increase speech privacy, and stay more focused on your tasks at hand.  That’s where white noise comes into play.

The Concept of White Noise

The idea behind white noise is to bring up the ambient background noise so that sounds are less noticeable.  Think of it like the stars in the sky.  At night they are clearly visible, but at dawn the ambient light increases and they become less noticeable.  They are still there but they are masked by the ambient light.  White noise is based on the same concept for sound.

White Noise System – Where it Works Best

The system consists of a control unit and dozens of little white noise emitters spaced out roughly every 10 feet.  The system only effects the people directly under the field of emitters.  This makes it ideal for dental practices where there are areas that benefit from white noise and areas with little patient or staff interaction where it would not.  Operatories, front desk areas and offices are ideal areas for sound masking.  Basically white noise is ideal anywhere you need to have some privacy to mask conversations or noise that is distracting or inappropriate.

We Use White Noise in Our Office

We provide white noise sound systems for dental offices and we knew we wanted to integrate the system into our space. When designing our Network Operations Center (NOC) at the new Dental PC Technology Center we wanted to keep an open and unobstructed space for improved collaboration while creating a comfortable work environment for employees.  If multiple technicians are on the phone at once each staff member can still stay focused. Distraction is minimized and we have seen overall productivity increase since installing our own white noise system.

Hear White Noise in Action

We have been blown away by how effective it has been here at Dental PC.  If you want to hear it for yourself feel free to stop by our offices at 7845 Baymeadows Way and listen to it in our space.  We can also schedule a time for you to Hear White Noise in a working Dental Practice.

Call us today to “hear” the difference White Noise can make in your office!