First Potential Threat Identified for those still running XP

XP ThreatA security hole has been identified in Internet Explorer 6,7,8,9,10, and 11 and Microsoft has confirmed it will not issue a fix for Web Browsers running on Windows XP who’s support officially ended on April 8th.

Hackers are using this bug to take control of your computer and access personal data which can happen when a User unknowingly visits a malicious website with an affected browser or is prompted by an email message or Instant Message with a link that takes Users to the attacker’s website.

FireEye, the cyber security software that discovered the threat made the following recommendations for a temporary patch:

  1. Use another web browser other than Internet Explorer as the security hole does not affect Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.
  2. Disable Adobe Flash. "The attack will not work without Adobe Flash," it said. "Disabling the Flash plugin within IE will prevent the exploit from functioning."

XP Users Beware - This is the first attack since XP Support Ended but there will be more to follow making your Practice Vulnerable the longer you wait to update your machines.

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