gloEMR in action

When Ashley Ledger needed to increase his podiatry practice’s efficiency, he turned to
gloStream’s flagship product, gloEMR - with great results.

Ledger, who has approximately 8,000 patients on record, sees around 480 per month and takes
on 15 to 20 new ones a week at Ledger Foot and Ankle Clinic in Killeen, Texas.

By implementing glowEMR, he cut down overhead costs by USD$2,000 per month (thanks to savings on paper, dictation supplies and equipment). He also improved documentation, which resulted in increased billings.

According to Ledger, one of his favorite features of gloEMR is its voice recognition technology,
which captures details during the patient encounter and puts them in exam notes. Ledger dictates into a USB-connected microphone and his words appear on the screen, in a Microsoft Word document. The Microsoft technology, he says, is particularly appealing for its ease of use.

Ledger can also take photos of patients that automatically become a part of the patient’s file,
personalizing the doctor-patient experience.

If you would like to learn how gloEMR can help improve your practice, please contact us today. We may have a solution for you.

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