3 reasons you should use Prezi

Presentations! Love them or hate them, you are probably going to have to create and give one from time-to-time. When you are settling down to the task of devising a presentation, like most users, you probably turn to Microsoft PowerPoint. However, there can be situations where PowerPoint is less than ideal for various reasons. If this is the case, there is an alternative that could better meet your needs instead.

Prezi is an online presentation creator that allows users to break the conventional PowerPoint mold and create visual presentations that rock. The idea of Prezi is essentially the same as PowerPoint in that they are both tools that allow you to create presentations. Where it differs, is the fact that it treats your presentation like an art canvas, allowing you to do pretty much anything you want.

The way it works is that blank presentations start out as a whole document. You can add media, pictures and other content on different parts of the 'canvas'. Each different area can become a frame which the camera will focus on while presenting. You can learn more about the process here.

Here are four reasons to adopt Prezi:

  1. It's non-linear - PowerPoint is all about linear presentations. You create slides in the order they will be presented and have little other choice. The beauty of Prezi is that it follows a non-linear path. This allows you to be able to jump from one point to another without having to deal with messy transitions and links in the slides.
  2. It allows you to get creative - Prezi is a canvas that allows you to place media wherever you want and turn it into the focus (slide). You can move the presentation in any direction and zoom in/out, etc. Basically it's like the sandbox of the presentation software world which encourages users to get creative.
  3. It allows you to be visual - In PowerPoint, and many other presentation programs, the slides and the themes are the presentation. Media is added to make presentations less dull. Prezi looks at it the other way round so that media is the presentation. If you have a product you want to sell, you can upload a picture that takes up the whole slide. You can zoom in on important aspects, or unveil features one at a time, eventually showing the whole product.
  4. You can access it anywhere - You can create presentations either using the Prezi desktop app, the mobile app, or online. These are all synced to your account and available to you from anywhere you have an Internet or data connection. If you have an iPad, there's also a Prezi app which allows you to create and show presentations.

While this program may sound like a bit of a tough one to master, it's quite easy once you get the hang of it. There are a couple of warnings to go with it however: It's not the greatest platform if you have to show a lot of graphs, charts or tables. These can be tough to import. The key here is that Prezi isn't meant to replace PowerPoint, rather it's another option for you to use. To learn more about this program please visit the Prezi site, or contact us.

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